Ballpoint Pen with Laser: College Ruled Genius

The Laser Cap is a good attempt, innovation, it essentially comprises a stopper equipped laser to see the lines on a sheet of paper from radiation. Why do we need this innovation? Perhaps the impact of inking paper for Toshiba PA3819U-1BRS, the improvement of our manuscript, and makes the text look neat. The only other reason I can think of is some clever fun, which acts as a source of inspiration for a major innovation.

Designers: DCENTER

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Floating Hotel Manta Resort in Africa sea

The Manta Resort is a beautiful hotel with several rooms , located in the Indian Ocean island of Pemba . The Spectacular flight offers not just a roof over your head at night to rest , but also some truly stunning views of Cerquero only room under water. The floating structure of local hardwood offers three levels of consideration for the visitors to the picturesque landscape from above, below and at sea level.

Designed by Mikael Genberg Swedish company Genberg hotels underwater, under water Manta room essentially a private island , the architecture floating off the coast of East Africa and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the underwater world. With a four bedroom meters below the surface , the visitors a unique perspective to the presence of abundant aquatic creatures swim past and cling to the panoramic windows given .

Whether you’re climbing the ladder of top cover floating space filled sun with your Dell 1545 battery laptop, stay at sea level in the lounge or relax down in the bottom quarter to see the exotic reef fish , is sure to be a adventure. Men could even dive into the water from the upper deck or simply go snorkeling around the architectural structure. The possibilities for relaxation or adventure is up to the customer.

Via : [Manta Resort]

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Shimmering Light Through the Hollow Tree

Spazio di Luce (Light Space) has produced an impressive sculpture of Giuseppe Penone tree. Italian artists came to a fallen tree in the mountains and was immediately attracted to her because she had broken into large pieces perfect for casting in bronze. Thus, section by section, covering the hollow tree inside the metallic background. Outside of what appears to be the crust is actually the wax that has been applied in several layers. How Penone wax layers on the surface with bare hands brush and began the material so the texture of the crust and the impressions of the artist to reveal fingerprints.

The installation was created to produce under Bloomberg Commission an annual invitation to an international artist, site-specific works of art in the Whitechapel Gallery in London. In the final presentation of each section of the tree takes on a life of its own animation. Many of the live branches are leg-like, creating a confusing blur between plant and animal. Visitors are invited to visit the shiny gold interior closely and look through long tunnels fine radiating light in all directions. According to the website of the gallery: “This merger of the crust and the handprints still concern Penones long career with the human body fit in the dialogue with the organic world it inhabits.”

Via : Designboom HP G6 battery

Trees have been a focal point for penone throughout his career. many of his earliest work — that survive now only as photographs — took place in the forests near turin or his home town of garessio in italy. the images expose the intimate relationship penone maintains with nature, and how closely he works with bark and branches as a medium.


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Open Natural wood house with glass proof

To say that Igor Sirotov’s Frame house is minimal doesn’t begin to do it justice! Everyday interior elements like seating, beds, lighting and tables are few in number but full of interesting and thoughtful textures and materials, making them a perfect foreground to highlight the steel, wood and concrete canvas. A stunning example of minimalism, the Frame house proves it’s not about what’s inside, it’s about what’s not!

Designer: Igor Sirotov HP Probook 4320s battery


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Digital Butterfly auto Catch

Children are inquisitive by nature and to satiate their curiosity regarding animals and insects; we have here the E-catch Net. Simulating the motions of a butterfly’s catching net, this device scans and then relays 3D info regarding the insect under scrutiny. A very play-way method of getting children involved regarding their environment.

E-catch Net is a 2013 IDEA Awards winner.

Designers: Zhang Cheng, Tuo Jin, Lin-en Wang & Xiaoneng Jin Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS

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Sending Animals Furniture

Animals and their shapes has a great attraction for me. It is an ancestral , ancient call to our inner instinct and to the nature. I always try to investigate the relationship between mans and nature, searching the syntheses talking about our attitudes and suggesting eccentric dynamics. Materials: wood.
“Seding Animals ” are produced and distribuited by Seletti and Toshiba.

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Digital Era Gets Funky And Retro

If you are seeking some cutting-edge retro designs that are updated with the latest tech, then the Lit by Bonzart and Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera, are two models that you should be looking at. Quite simply put, the two cameras have the endearing emotional connect from yesteryears and prove some amazing quality pictures. Let’s find out more….

Available At: AC Gears Fujitsu

The Lit by Bonzart is a fun toy camera with simple operation that makes it easy for you to take high quality pictures and video wherever they go. To notch it up, you can add special effects in real time. Specs include built in LCD screen, 3 Megapixel lens with Image quality: Super fine, fine, normal.

Bonzart Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera has the power of tilt-shifting! This digital camera has the capability of taking amazing photos and HD videos with its twin lenses. It features five different color settings from standard, black and white, sepia, vivid, to a fuji-film like green called REF.

The top-down LCD screen in its twin reflex body looks great and it lets you see your subject before and after the shot. Set your shutter speed, take HD videos with sound or choose your desire frame rate! Specs include a 5 Megapixels 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor.


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Kinetic Sculptures Flow Organically with the Wind

Artist Anthony Howe creates kinetic sculptures that are suspended or stand glistening against their outdoor settings. The many windmill-like structures respond to their surrounding natural environments by reflecting sunlight and producing motion in response to wind. Using mainly stainless steel and fiberglass, Howe produces all kinds of interesting symmetrically balanced forms and shapes.

Standing 17 feet high, the heavy metal glides effortlessly through the air, rotating in organically circular, harmonious movements. The three-dimensional sculptures are intricately balanced to produce mesmerizing patterns that viewers could watch for hours. Howe says he hopes to achieve “pieces [that] assume a spare, linear elegance when conditions are still, mutating to raucous animation when the wind picks up.”

via [Colossal] Lenovo

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HP Envy dv7-7269sf, 17-inch laptop with Core i5, Geforce GT 630M and Beats audio system

A 17 inch laptop to look nice with Intel Core i5 processor, dedicated graphics midrange and multiple USB 3.0 ports less than 600 €?
It is possible with this promotion currently in force on the HP Envy dv7-7269sf.

The HP pavilion dv7 battery Envy is a mid-range laptop for users looking for a versatile model. As such it has an Intel Core i5 processor of the latest generation, able to meet the needs of most users, if not too heavily multitasking.

The HP Compaq 6530b battery graphic part is in turn assigned to a GeForce GT 630M. The latter is capable of most games on the market support. For the most demanding 3D resources it will be necessary to adjust the graphics settings down to maintain a good flow.

No surprise on the side of the HP Compaq 6720S battery screen with a glossy with a classic definition for a 17-inch laptop. The storage space is average, with the presence of a hard disk of 750 GB Connectivity is better off with four USB ports (three USB 3.0), a Bluetooth chip, a Gigabit Ethernet port or a reader fingerprint.

Some users also appreciate its audio system which delivers 4.1 signed Beats a bit more convincing than other notebooks competing sound reproduction. Finally, its discreet design is quite successful.

Tags: KS524AA battery , KS525AA battery , KS526AA battery

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Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3660: 18.4-inch notebook (Core 2 Duo, GT 240M, Bluetooth)

Fujitsu offers with its Amilo Pi 3660 022 a versatile laptop size 18.4 inches with a Core 2 Duo processor and a dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 240M for less than 600 euros.

It sports a sleek design but moose patterns on the black hull and the white / silver palmrest.

It hosts an eccentric touchpad on the left and two buttons it is possible to disable via the Fn + F6 key.
The Fujitsu fmvnbp150 keyboard is a classic model with a keypad that resists spills. On his left is placed on the start button, backlit operating.

The Fujitsu fpcbp215 , connection is mainly located on the left side with the VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, ExpressCard and USB / e-SATA optical drive to the right, the other two USB connector of food and Kensington home and front audio and card reader ports.

Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3660 022 is a versatile laptop with a homogeneous configuration.

Its Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB of RAM provide comfortable operating in everyday multitasking.

The Fujitsu fpcbp95 screen displays a resolution including very comfortable right from the vertical to the office and surfing the Internet. In addition, the 16:9 format is well suited to playing videos.

The GeForce GT 240M dedicated graphics card is just able to play HD videos properly. But that’s not all, since it is also capable of supporting many games as long as the levels of detail and / or resolution in the most demanding titles resource is adjusted.

The Fujitsu fpcbp179ap storage space is classic and connectors supplied with Wi-Fi n, HDMI, e-SATA, ExpressCard and Bluetooth.

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